How to Vibrate on the Money Frequency

Published: 18th April 2007
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The reason why manifesting money is so hard is because the path of money and wealth should always be the path to the higher self and generally it is not. Our desire for money should lead us deeper into ourselves to explore our own gifts to be used as a way of creating wealth. Whatever special gifts and talents we possess, are already designed to teach us the specific life lessons we need to learn and as well as to move us up the sphere of abundance.

So it's only through our divine nature that we are to create a wealthy life. Could this possibility be the reason that most people who have attained success will tell you, the key to their success is through the love of what they do naturally?

Aligning ourselves to attract more money should always be of the highest offering of our true gifts, what we create lovingly for others in exchange for money. Law of Attraction would work to its highest vibration when this is the formula for creating more money.

Money should be an exchange of love and now you know the secret of success for those who have become wealthy. They vibrate on the same level of money which is an exchange of love. I give you what I created lovingly; you give me loving approval by purchasing what I created.

If we began to see the attraction process on that level then the flow would be greater and a lot faster.

How to attract Money Faster

1) Know what you love doing with your spare time.

2) Think of how you can give a service to someone else with what you love doing.

3) Take action by creating and distribute it. The exchange of money will come well because others will feel the energy of love through what you are giving.

When this formula becomes a way of being, then acquiring money would no longer be an issue. Law of Attraction would flow effortlessly though our creative portal.

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